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IEEE ISTAS 2021 – “Investigating Targeted Espionage: Methods, Findings, Implications”, Ron Deibert

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Ron Deibert presented “Investigating Targeted Espionage: Methods, Findings, Implications” as a Keynote during IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society…  Read More

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Socio-Technical Ecosystem Considerations: Threats and Opportunities for AI in Cybersecurity

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An element of the expansion of digital technologies is a shift in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology from research laboratories into the hands of anyone with a smartphone. AI powered search, personalization and automation are being deployed across sectors, from education to healthcare, to policing, to finance. Wide AI diffusion is then reshaping the way organizations, communities and individuals’ function. The potentially radical consequences of AI have pushed nation states across the globe to publish strategies on how they seek to shape, drive and leverage the disruptive capabilities offered by AI technologies to bolster their prosperity and security.

IST-Africa 2021 – Advance Programme / Early Bird Registration Deadline 31 March

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Hosted by the Government of South Africa through the Department of Science and Innovation and Supported by the European Commission…  Read More