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From our most recent issue:

Call for Nominations to SSIT Leadership Roles for 2021 Positions

The IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) is an active IEEE Society focused on the challenges, results, and implications of the continuing advances and interactions of technology and society. SSIT provides both digital and face-to-face opportunities for IEEE and technical communities and societies to interact, to understand and address the Sustainable Development and ethics related challenges and opportunities that result from the progress of technology adoption in the contemporary world. Through our website (, all members have access to publications, conferences, social media groups, blogs, and local events.

We seek nominations for active SSIT volunteers to take up the following positions, which are directly involved in consulting, planning and carrying out the Society’s goals, directions, and activities:

SSIT Board of Governors (BoG) Member-at-Large (2021-2023)

A three-year term as a voting member of the BoG. Meetings via telecon are held monthly. Impactful BoG members are actively involved in SSIT activities (e.g., committees, conferences, publications, Chapters, website, etc.) and take an active role in influencing the future direction and priorities of SSIT. BoG members may be re-elected for no more than two consecutive terms. Three positions (3) become open each year.

The Society would benefit from volunteers with a previous volunteer track record (including but not limited to SSIT or IEEE), and/or experience in Chapter development, membership development, conference planning, fund raising, economics/finance, marketing, content creation, social media and website management.

Self-nominations are welcome, and we invite all SSIT members willing to serve the Society in a leadership position to put their names forward.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or another SSIT member, please submit a one-page synopsis of the nominee’s experience with emphasis on their proposed contribution, strengths and relevant track record to the SSIT Nominations Chair, Prof. Paul M Cunningham, at Please include your IEEE Membership Number and contact information. Nominations are due by 30 April 2020.

If you are nominated another SSIT member, it is necessary to receive their written approval for this nomination in advance of submitting the one-page synopsis showcasing the relevant experience of the nominee. As above the synopsis should include the nominees IEEE Membership Number and a clear articulation of their SSIT track record, specific skills and contribution they can make.

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