Student Activities

IEEE SSIT is actively supporting Student Activities through a number of initiatives.

In this context the Student Activities Committee (SAC) is a sub-committee under the IEEE SSIT Chapters Committee. This sub-committee oversees, supports and coordinates IEEE SSIT’s student chapters globally along with promoting membership activities that are specifically focused on addressing the needs of IEEE SSIT students globally.

The purpose of SAC is to:

  1. Develop, plan and implement student-focused activities and programs globally
  2. Oversee and support the SSIT’s Student Chapters and Joint Student Chapters
  3. Represent the views of students to the IEEE SSIT Board and its standing committees as well as the IEEE Students Committees
  4. Run membership orientation and retention activities for the student membership

The strategic goals of SAC are to:

  1. Improve the value base for the SSIT student membership
  2. Create tangible membership benefits for the student
  3. Develop programs that will improve the engagement of student members with the society and
  4. Attract new Membership.

Student Activities Committee

Advisor: Dr Kalyan Sen

Chair: Saiteja Goud Karingu

Secretary: Devika Rose Kiran

Vice-Chair for Geographic Activities: Mithresh G P

Vice Chair for Student Discussion Forums: Bryn Loftness

Vice Chair for Publications Contests & Engagement: Vacant

Vice Chair for New Initiatives: Ggaliwango Marvin

At-Large Member (UG): Vaishnav S

At-Large Member (PG): Vacant

At-Large Member (PhD): Vacant

SSIT Student Chapters

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Student Chapter Resources

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