Societal Impacts

Assessing the impact of existing and emerging technologies on individuals and societies is a complex task.

The “Societal Impacts of Technology” topic refers to SSIT’s support for development of new technologies that are safer, more secure and more privacy preserving (following the principles of safety, security, and privacy by design). This focal-point recognizes that assessing the impact of technologies (both existing and emerging) on safety, security, and privacy of individuals and of societies is a complex task. Such a task requires cross-disciplinary collaboration between scientists, engineers, medical practitioners, legal scholars, as well as philosophers and ethicists. Therefore, this effort will facilitate and encourage cross-disciplinary efforts, and will examine a variety of systems and technologies, broadly divided into: (i) smart and autonomous systems, (ii) health and human body-related technologies, (iii) data-driven technologies, and (iv) cloud-based technologies.