IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society

(Abbreviated IEEE-TTS)

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Frequency of Publication

IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society is a quarterlyonline only publication. The publication accepts submissions on a rolling basis. The Transactions publishes annually in March, June, September and December. The first issue will appear in March 2020.


The IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society publishes research papers on the interactions among technology, science, and society; on the impact of such interactions on individuals and society; and on the ethical, professional and social responsibility in the practice of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The publication also provides a forum for open discussion of resulting issues.

Topic Coverage

More generally, IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society publishes to complement the technological areas within the field of interest (FOI) of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT). Its FOI involves understanding the interaction between technology, science, and society, its impact on individuals and society, professional and social responsibility in the practice of STEM, and open discussion of the resulting issues. Within this scope, the Transactions covers a broad range of topics in such areas as energy, information and communication, health and safety, life sciences, economic issues, engineering education, environmental implications, and social effects of emerging technologies and innovations. It also addresses issues surrounding professional practice and responsibility, regulation and public policy, technology and the future of work, philosophy of technology, engineering and biotechnical ethics, and sustainability.

The Transactions communicates to a wide array of readers from multiple disciplines involved in the societal impact of technology. It is multidisciplinary with joint perspectives from individuals such as engineers, scientists, technologists, ethicists, public policy experts, lawyers, health practitioners, economists, sociologists and anthropologists. It offers technical in-depth papers of original work as well as review, survey, and tutorial papers targeted at technically knowledgeable readers who are not necessarily specialists in the subjects being treated. Emphasis is on high quality research and empirical studies, applications and technological issues, and theoretical arguments supported by evidence or proof.

Unique Contribution

Authors publishing in these Transactions would apply existing theoretical frameworks in new ways, develop new theoretical and methodological approaches to studying the interplay of technology and society, or use innovative data collection techniques from qualitative and quantitative realms to provide strong empirical evidence.

Traditional IEEE transaction/journal publications focus on specific technical areas indigenous to a specific IEEE society or organizational unit. However, the scope of SSIT transcends most if not all technical areas. The cross-cutting theme of “technology and society” is a universally understood theme that encompasses the societal aspects of all engineering and technology disciplines as well as interests within IEEE.

This publication appeals to both IEEE and non-IEEE members and constituencies because of its multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary focus. Authors publishing in the Transactions could present new theoretical and methodological approaches to the interplay of technology and society. They could also present innovative data collection techniques from qualitative and quantitative realms as empirical evidence for their theses. Hence, a technology and society transactions-level publication would provide a dynamic new home within IEEE to publish and communicate in-depth, high quality, multidisciplinary research in the technology and society space.

IEEE SSIT expects the Transactions to become IEEE’s premiere technology and society (T&S) research publication appealing to IEEE members and related global communities.