SSIT Records Archive

SSIT Archives on Techology and Society

The Committee for the Social Implications of Technology (CSIT) was formed in 1971, which became the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology in 1982 IEEE Committee on Social Implications of Technology published its first newsletter in December 1972. IEEE Technology & Society Magazine started in March 1982. For a specific history, see the 2006 article in Technology and Society by Karl Stephen.
Other information relevant to SSIT history includes the following resources:

  • All issues of Technology and Society magazine are available via IEEE Xplore
  • Minutes for SSIT Board Meetings (1972-2013) [Member Only]
  • Full Set of 2014 SSIT Logo Masters <ZIP file>
  • Ethics & Member Conduct Columns (1996-2001)
  • CSIT Newsletters 1972 – 1981