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Technology and Society is the focus of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT). This site, our publications, conferences. social media groups, blogs, and local events provide forums for us (including you) to interact, and address the challenges and opportunities the application of technology can have for our the world.

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The society focuses on five major areas:

Sustainable Development & Humanitarian Technology

  • Humanitarian engineering
  • Technology to support persons with disabilities
  • Technology to support generational leapfrogging in greenfield environments

Ethics, Human Values and Technology

  • Engineering ethics and professional responsibility
  • History of technology and society
  • Engineering education, including k-12 and engineering education in technology and society

Technology Benefits for All

  • Public policy related to engineering, technology and science
  • Health and healthcare technologies and impact

Future Societal Impact of Technology Advances

  • Privacy and security
  • Economic, health, and safety implications of technology
  • Social issues of information technology and telecommunications

Protecting the Planet & Sustainable Technology

  • Environmental issues, including climate change
  • Green technologies, and sustainable design
  • Reliable energy and social issues related to energy

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