SSIT Strategic Plan

The SSIT Strategic Plan guides the governance activities of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) over the next three to five years. It identifies short-term and long-term strategic goals. It was drafted by a strategic planning committee and approved by the SSIT Board of Governors (BoG) in 2022.

Short-term Strategic Goals

1. Grow chapters: It is a high priority to serve the geographically dispersed membership better by growing the number of chapters and intensifying the level of local and regional activities.

2. Grow active membership: It is a high priority to increase the number of members, especially active members, of SSIT.

3. Create educational value: It is a high priority to develop educational capacity within SSIT to translate its rich publication, conference, and other content into more usable forms for varied audiences.

4. Expand financial resources: It is a high priority to expand those activities that form the economic basis for SSIT.

Long-term Strategic Goals

1. Enhance institutional capabilities: It is a long-term priority to enhance the institutional memory and capacity to enable SSIT to perform effectively.

2. Achieve broader constructive engagement within IEEE and with organizations with similar interests outside of IEEE: It is a long-term priority to achieve broader engagement and a leadership role within IEEE and beyond on the social implications of technology.

3. Prepare SSIT to deliver products and services valued in the future: It is a long-term priority for SSIT to provide expanded products and services valued in the future.

Download SSIT Strategic Plan

Click here to download the SSIT Strategic Plan (approved April 2022).