TTS Volume 4, Issue 4, 2023 – Celebrating the First Four Years of IEEE TTS

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Celebrating the First Four Years of IEEE TTS by Katina Michael, Roba Abbas and George Roussos


Ethical Issues in Near-Future Socially Supportive Smart Assistants for Older Adults by Alex John London, Yosef S. Razin, Jason Borenstein, Motahhare Eslami, Russell Perkins and Paul Robinette

The Ethics of Mandatory Exoskeleton Use in Commercial and Industrial Settings by Timothy R. Pote, Nicole V. Asbeck and Alan T. Asbeck

Using Community Values and Governance Preferences to Facilitate Transitions Toward Sustainable Energies by Claas Digmayer and Gregory P. Pogue

Social Media as an Instant Source of Feedback on Water Quality by K Ahmad, M. A. Ayub, K. Ahmad, J. Khan, N. Ahmad, and A. Al-Fuqaha

LifeTEC: A Compact and Economic System for In-the-Field Management of Firefighting Services Through TETRA by Luis A. López-Valcárcel, Manuel García Sánchez and Enrique Costa-Montenegro

The Value of Trust in Encryption: Impact and Implications on Technology Law and Policy by Michael Anthony C. Dizon

On the Role of Technology in Human–Dog Relationships: A Future of Nightmares or Dreams? by Dirk van der Linden, Brittany I. Davidson, Orit Hirsch-Matsioulas and Anna Zamansky