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Current Issue – September 2023

Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming people’s access to and attitudes toward knowledge. It is an extremely powerful technology, but this transformation presents numerous social, environmental, political, and, perhaps, in particular, educational considerations. There is a pressing need to have a profound and nuanced conversation about these considerations, without asking a chatbot for its opinion. Instead, we seem to be having mostly a distractive conversation about singularities, which is arguably a domain of sheer speculation, rather than a more pressing conversation about “the system” that produced the technology and what it is doing right now to people, society, and processes, in particular, the educational process.

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Front Cover
Front Cover
Table of Contents
Book Review
The BBC: A Century on Air—David Hendy
A. David Wunsch  
Value Change and Technological Design
Freek van der Weij, Steffen Steinert, Ibo van de Poel, Joost Alleblas, Anna Melnyk, and Tristan de Wildt  
Diversity Initiatives for Women in IT: Friends or Enemies?
Andreea Molnar and Dorian Stoilescu  
The Role of Public Policy in the Adoption of Prosthetic Limbs in the United States
Carolena Stephanie Larson and Muhammad Salar Khan  
Potential Impact of Data-Centric AI on Society
Sushant Kumar, Ritesh Sharma, Vishakha Singh, Shrikant Tiwari, Sanjay Kumar Singh, and Sumit Datta  
Last Word
Remembering an Ethical Engineering Advocate
Joseph Herkert and Clinton J. Andrews  


The First Total War and the Sociotechnical Systems of Warfare
Jordan Richard Schoenherr
* Refereed Article
A Review of Techniques and Policies on Cybersecurity Using Artificial Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
Neshat Elhami Fard, Rastko R. Selmic, and Khashayar Khorasani
* Refereed Article
Implications of Emotion Recognition Technologies: Balancing Privacy and Public Safety
Luis Felipe Ortiz-Clavijo, Carlos Julián Gallego-Duque, Juan Camilo David-Diaz, and Andrés Felipe Ortiz-Zamora
* Refereed Article
Analysis of Fisherman Exploitation in Taiwan Distant Water Fishing
Sushant Kumar, Ritesh Sharma, Vishakha Singh, Shrikant Tiwari, Sanjay Kumar Singh, and Sumit Datta
* Refereed Article
Data for Societal Good: A Contextual Approach
Frederick Kaefer, Guillermina Mora, and Ravi Nath
* Refereed Article

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