June 2023

Securitization for Sustainability of People and Place

The purpose of this special issue is to explore and address complex securitization-related challenges, from a broader perspective and across various dimensions and sectors, that transcend disciplinary boundaries, focusing on the role of technology relevant to the securitization of people and place, while also considering the transdisciplinarity and the socio-historical originals of securitization. This special issue was inspired by, and is an outcome of, the IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society 2022 (ISTAS22) co-located workshop on the Social Implications of National Security 2022 (SINS22).

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Front Cover
ISTAS 2023
Table of Contents
Futural Appropriation
Jeremy Pitt  
Book Review
Classical Curiosities [Two books reviewed]
Lewis M. Holmes  
Guest Editors' Introduction
Securitization for Sustainability of People and Place
Katina Michael, Roba Abbas, Jeremy Pitt, Kathleen Vogel, and Mariana Zafeirakopoulos  
Reimagining Digital Public Spaces and Artificial Intelligence for Deep Cooperation
Peter R. Lewis, Stephen Lewis, Sue Lewis, Amanda McEachern Gaudet, and Amanda Ottley  
Ensuring Food Security Through Meal Optimization
Liselotte Schäfer Elinder and Patricia Eustachio Colombo  


Why Do We Need “Transdisciplinarity”?
Marcus R. Wigan
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