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December 2022

Ethics and Education

Contributive justice needs civic education to explain why people should get involved, civic participation to get people involved, and civic dignity to meaningfully benefit people for getting involved. Or contributive justice needs civic dignity to set standards and examples for prosocial behavior, civic education to enable such behavior to be observed and imitated used social learning, and civic participation as a platform for this learned behavior to be put into meaningful practice.

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Are Backdoor Mandates Ethical?—A Position Paper
Raphaël Khoury and Sylvain Hallé
* Refereed Article
Demographic Fairness in Biometric Systems: What Do the Experts Say?
Christian Rathgeb, Pawel Drozdowski, Dinusha C. Frings, Naser Damer, and Christoph Busch
* Refereed Article
Utility Versus Curiosity in Technology and Science
Javier Aracil
* Refereed Article

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