Call for Board of Governors (BoG) Candidates

By on April 13th, 2021 in SSIT Announcements

SSIT is seeking candidates for President-Elect (2022) and 3 Board of Governors Members-at-Large (2022-2024). All positions are voting members of the SSIT BoG

President Elect

2022 President-Elect is a five-year commitment: 

  • One year as President-Elect (2022)
  • Two years as President (2023-2024)
  • Two years as Past President (2025-2026)

The President-Elect should expect to spend two to four days per month on SSIT-related activities. As the Society President this time will increase to four to eight days per month. The President leads the monthly BoG conference calls.     Additionally, the President attends three two-day Technical Activities Board (TAB) meetings per year, usually held in February, June and November. Travel expenses associated with attendance at the TAB meetings are provided by SSIT.

The deadline for nomination for President Elect is 30 September 2021.

Board of Governors Members at Large (MaL)

BoG MaL candidates make a three-year commitment. MaLs are expected to attend the monthly SSIT one-hour conference calls. Each MaL is also expected to be involved in aspects of the affairs of the Society. At the present time, travel expenses for MaLs are not reimbursed by the SSIT. MaLs may serve two consecutive terms.

All candidates should submit a nomination specifying the position they are interested in running for. Additionally, the candidate should include any information relevant to their possible contributions to the Society. The information can include previous experience with respect to conferences, publications, finances, chapters, standards, education, governance, and any relevant experience of use to SSIT.

The deadline for nomination for Board of Governors Member at Large is 30 June 2021.

For more information: Potential candidates for either position are welcome to contact the SSIT Nominations Committee Chair Bob Dent (

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