Human Military Robot

Image: ISTOCK.

March 2017

Special Issue on Military Use of Implantable Technologies

Vol. 36, No. 1

Advanced technologies that were once the stuff of science fiction have catapulted into the the military marketplace.

We now have exoskeletons, wearable headsets with accelerated night vision, armaments with increased durability in rugged conditions, and the ability for central command without human intervention. Is this the emergence of the so-called super-soldier, a type of Iron Man?

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President’s Message
SSIT’s 45th Anniversary
Paul Cunningham  
News and Notes
Thank you to Greg Adamson
Katina Michael  
Ethics and Brain Implants in the Military
Marcus Wigan
* Refereed Article


Exoskeletons, Transhumanism, and Culture – Performing Superhuman Feats
Isabel Pedersen, Tanner Mirrlees
* Refereed Article
Taking the Long View of Nanotechnology’s Societal Implications
Sepehr Ghazinoory, Fatemeh Saghafi, Sahar Kousari  
Military Insertables: Lessons from Civilian Use
Kayla J. Heffernan, Frank Vetere, and Shanton Chang
* Refereed Article
Human by Design: An Ethical Framework for Human Augmentation
Nadja Oertelt. Contributors: Adam Arabian, E. Christian Brugger, Michael Chorost, Nita A. Farahany, Samantha Payne, and Will Rosellini
* Refereed Article
Implanting Military RFID: Rights and Wrongs
Rob Nicholls
* Refereed Article

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