Whatever the promise of automation and artificial intelligence, future transportation will require an integrated and transparent approach. IMAGE: ISTOCK/OWNGARDEN.

June 2019

Driverless Cars: Going Off the Rails?

The car itself has proved, in recent years, to have been a convenient vehicle (sic) or significant driver (sic) for research and development in battery technology, but also,
seemingly, the foundation of the “Ur” challenge for data-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the driverless car.

It might be reasonable to inquire: why would anyone own, or even need to own, a driverless car, if they do not get to drive it? Which in turn begs the question, if the central tenet of the personal car ownership model (i.e., ownership) no longer holds, then what is the replacement business model?

–Jeremy Pitt, excerpted from “Transparent Ownership of Mobility-as-a-Service”

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