Hijab in Twitter

June 2018

Special Section: Social Media in the Middle East

Social media is powerful. Communication is a formidable tool for empowerment. Citizens can use social media to communicate to influence large audiences, to build group identity and unity, and to expose abuses. Social media can give voice to the voiceless. People can become empowered.

In an interconnected world, the autocratic will continue to face challenges with the digital. Savvy users persist to find methods to bypass communication suppression, much like the 46% of survey respondents in Arab regions reporting multiple accounts on a single social networking system platform.

–Christine Perakslis

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SPECIAL SECTION - Hijab in Twitter: Advocates and Critics: A Content Analysis of Hijab-Related Tweets
Mohsen Yoosefi Nejad, Mehdi Hosseinzadeh. and Maryam Mohammadi
* Refereed Article
The Social Metaverse: Battle for Privacy
Ben Falchuk, Shoshana Loeb, and Ralph Neff
* Refereed Article
Smart IoT Devices in the Home: Security and Privacy Implications
Vijay Sivaraman, Hassan Habibi Gharakheili, Clinton Fernandes, Narelle Clark, and Tanya Karliychuk
* Refereed Article
Algorithmic Governance in Smart Cities: The Conundrum and the Potential of Pervasive Computing Solutions
Franco Zambonelli, Flora Salim, Seng W. Loke, Wolfgang De Meuter, and Salil Kanhere
* Refereed Article

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