Norbert Wiener, age 11, “The Most Remarkable Boy in the World.” From Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World magazine, October 7, 1906. Norbert Wiener Papers, MC 22, box X. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Institute, Archives and Special Collections, Cambridge, MA.

September 2015

Special Issue on 2014 Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century

Vol. 34, No. 3

In this issue of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine we acknowledge one of the quintessential multi-disciplinarians of our time, Dr. Norbert Wiener (1894–1964), the Father of Cybernetics. During his life, Wiener influenced mathematics, philosophy, science, technology, ethics, biology, prosthesis, education, manufacturing, and many other fields. He was an early practitioner of diversity and social inclusion, and an advocate of social responsibility in the development of technology. He predicted the social impact of robotic, cybernetic, and other technologies on the future of society, and after several decades his writings retain their relevance.

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From the Editor’s Desk
Robots Don’t Pray
Eugenio Guglielmelli  


Securing the Exocortex
Tamara Bonaci, Jeffrey Herron, Charles Matlack, and Howard Jay Chizeck
* Refereed Article
Wiener’s Prefiguring of a Cybernetic Design Theory
Thomas Fischer
* Refereed Article
Down the Rabbit Hole
Laura Moorhead
* Refereed Article
Application Areas of Additive Manufacturing
N.J.R. Venekamp and H.Th. Le Fever  

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