Current Issue – December 2023

Artificial Intelligence: Rocket or Racket?

The increasing digitalization of our social systems has led to the development of agentic computational artifacts. If socio-technical systems (STSs) fit for purpose in the digital society are to be designed and operationalized, the theory of polycentric governance (which traditionally considers the interdependency of interactions between the autonomous centers of decision-making within a social system) must be enriched to reflect this digitalization.

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Beyond Data: Recognizing the Democratic Potential of Citizen Science
Magdalena Roszczyńska-Kurasińska; Anna Domaradzka; Michael O’Grady; Baptiste Bedessem; Niccolò Tempini; Mateusz Trochymiak; Nina Wróblewska
* Refereed Article
Technological Solutions to Online Toxicity: Potential and Pitfalls
Arezo Bodaghi; Benjamin C. M. Fung; Ketra A. Schmitt
* Refereed Article
Deceptive AI and Society
Ştefan Sarkadi
* Refereed Article
Investigating the Legality of Bias Mitigation Methods in the United Kingdom
Mackenzie Jorgensen; Madeleine Waller; Oana Cocarascu; Natalia Criado; Odinaldo Rodrigues; Jose Such; Elizabeth Black
* Refereed Article
The Stuff We Swim in: Regulation Alone Will Not Lead to Justifiable Trust in AI
Simon T. Powers; Olena Linnyk; Michael Guckert; Jennifer Hannig; Jeremy Pitt; Neil Urquhart; Aniko Ekárt; Nils Gumpfer; The Anh Han; Peter R. Lewis; Stephen Marsh; Tim Weber
* Refereed Article
Digital Polycentricity and Value-Sensitive Operationalization
Ciske Smit and Jeremy Pitt
* Refereed Article

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