Student Chapter Funding

The IEEE SSIT is actively supporting the establishment and strengthening of student chapters across the world. A new grant and funding opportunity program is now available to support this objective.

New Student Chapter Welcome Grant

An IEEE Student Branch that would like to establish a new IEEE SSIT Student Chapter can apply to receive a welcome grant of $100 to apply towards activities.

Eligibility: Awarded upon request to all newly formed SSIT Student Branch Chapters within 6 months of the chapter formation date (as per establishment letter granted by IEEE MGA).

Applications Process: Please email IEEE SSIT SAC Chair, Saiteja Goud Karingu with a copy to with the following information and a copy of your chapter establishment letter from IEEE MGA. Please also describe in 200 words how you plan to utilise the grant.

  • Chapter Name
  • Chapter Geo-Code
  • Chapter Establishment Date
  • Chapter Chair Name
  • Chapter Chair Email
  • Chapter Chair Phone Number
  • Chapter Advisor Name
  • Chapter Advisor Email
  • Chapter Advisor Phone Number
  • Chapter Chair IEEE Number
  • Chapter Advisor IEEE Number

Note that it is a requirement for the recipient chapter to submit the report of the events/activities for which the grant was utilized within 2 months from receiving the grant. A short description of these events/activities should be provided for publication in the IEEE SSIT Monthly Newsletter.

Student Chapter Activity Funding Program

Goal: To make local activities more inclusive, aligned with SSIT Areas of Interest and also synergize with SSIT Five Pillars and Technical Committees.

Eligibility: Any IEEE SSIT Student Chapter with 6 active student members and 1 active faculty advisor can apply for the funding.

Mode: 2 cycles per year (In 2021 year cycle span will be 3 months to cover the second half of the year) [July to Sep 2021 & Oct to Dec 2021].

1. Each student chapter will apply during the starting month of cycles (July for cycle-1/Oct for cycle-2).
2. Any number of activities can be applied with a maximum of $250 of grant limit for all activities in a cycle.
3. Each activity is evaluated independently and funding will be granted per activities basis.
4. The activities might include but are not limited to webinars, seminars, workshops, student chapter meetups, student members meetup (similar to student congress), distinguished lectures, YP engagement talk, boot camps, membership development activities (such as promotional activities, retention activities) etc. All the activities should be aligned with the five pillars of the IEEE SSIT.
5. Once approved and notified, chapters can do the activities until the end month of the cycle (Sep for cycle-1/Dec for cycle-2).

1. Please submit the budget and proposed activities within the template via email to IEEE SSIT SAC Chair, Saiteja Goud Karingu with a copy to 
2. The SAC will review the funding request and after approval of the SAC, the request will be forwarded to the Chapters Committee Chair for perusal and final approval. In the meantime, if there are any concerns the SAC will contact the relevant applicant.
3. Upon receipt of the final approval, the applicant will be notified via email by the SAC. The funding amount will be transferred to the Treasurer of the local IEEE Section upon successful completion of the activities and submission of an expense report along with receipts and proof of activities (Recordings for Virtual Activities and Photographs for Physical Activities).

SAC will connect the student chapters with relevant Technical Committees/Standing Committees for support and guidance according to the activity type.

Activities can be both offline and online but must comply with local COVID-19 protocols.

Student Chapters can send a link by email so that SAC can download the .mp4 file of the event. Please include SSIT branding in the recording. Please ensure that you have a simple written permission from the speaker to publish the event recording on SSIT channel.

Activities will be tracked through Smartsheet/Google Sheet Dashboard.

Please note:

  • The funding cycles mentioned above are only for 2021.
  • References to Chapter refer to student chapter, unless specified to have different meaning.
  • Allowable expenses for both Grant & Activity Fund include:
    ○ Light food and beverage at the physical event/activity
    ○ Copying and printing promotion information on the event/activity
    ○ Gifts or kits or goodies for speakers, volunteers and attendees
    ○ Prizes for winners of contest or competition
    ○ Chapters can add any other allowable expenses in the proposal document for the evaluation & approval of the chapters committee.
  • Non-Allowable expenses for both Grant & Activity Fund include:
    ○ Infrastructure procurement (either physical or virtual) (including video-conferencing facility for chapter activities, web hosting for chapter, etc.,)
    ○ Travel expenses and grants
    ○ Registration and accommodation for conferences and activities
    ○ Honorariums
    ○ Overhead (general and administrative or indirect costs)
    ○ Commercial promotion activities
    ○ Scholarships to individuals
    ○ Endowments
    ○ Participation of specific/individual teams at competitions
  • The funding amount will be transferred to the local IEEE section bank account of the student chapter. The student chapter chair/advisor is requested to communicate the fund details (after being notified by SSIT SAC) and establish a clear understanding with their section chair and treasurer beforehand.
  • Chapters will be provided with access to the IEEE SSIT SAC WebEx license to facilitate running virtual events under the grant and activity funding programs. Please contact IEEE SSIT SAC Chair, Saiteja Goud Karingu with a copy to to request a WebEx Event to be scheduled.