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September 2022

Technological Stewardship and Responsible Innovation

Responsible innovation entails a particular mindset—a mindset that treats all innovation, tech innovation in particular, as inherently possessed of ethical dimensions. Furthermore, aligned with this recognition that technology is normative is a conviction that it is essential to navigate the development and deployment of technological innovation in ways that consider and take responsibility for its benefits and consequences. The call for responsible innovation, in other words, is a call to address and account for technology’s short- and long-term impacts within social, political, environmental, and cultural domains.

Technological stewardship stands as the corollary of this mindset: a commitment to anticipate and mitigate technology’s potential for disruption and especially harm and to guide innovation toward beneficial ends. Adopted from the domain of engineering ethics, where it “involves taking a value sensitive approach to embedding ethics, sustainability, and EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusivity) principles into the practice and culture of engineering,” technological stewardship belongs to any who would take up the mantle.

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Table of Contents
President's Message
Lifetimes of Involvement With SSIT
Clinton J. Andrews  
The Unbelievable Pointlessness of Impact
Jeremy Pitt  
Guest Editor's Introduction
Technological Stewardship and Responsible Innovation: A Mindset, an Ethos, and an Interdisciplinary Undertaking
Brandiff Caron, Marc Cheong, Jin Sol Kim, Jason Lajoie, Heather A. Love, and Ketra Schmitt  
Digital Design With Children in Mind
Nishan Chelvachandran and Katina Michael  
Paul Heidebrecht  


Folkmedical Technologies and the Sociotechnical Systems of Healthcare
Jordan Richard Schoenherr
* Refereed Article
Risk Assessment Tools on Trial: AI Systems Go?
Neha Chugh
* Refereed Article
Understanding the Use of Private Messaging Apps in Canada and Links to Disinformation
Mohammed Joe Masoodi and Sam Andrey
* Refereed Article
Value-Based Engineering With IEEE 7000
Sarah Spiekermann and Till Winkler
* Refereed Article

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