Philip Hall

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Homebase location *
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
SSIT Roles (and years) *
2013-15 DL
2013-17 BoG Member
2015 Chair, Conferences & Events
2014-15 DL Program Chair
2014 Chapters Chair
2013-14 Chair, Australia Chapter
Relevant IEEE Roles
2014-15 SSIT Rep, IEEE-USA Committee on Transportation & Aerospace Policy (CTAP)
2015 Member, AESS & Vice Chair, AESS UAV Technical Panel

Other Related Activities/Interests
Interested in (1) National Security and societal implications of emerging technologies; (2) impact of climate variability on water, energy and food security; and (3) technologies for sustainability.
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education, policy, security, privacy, aerospace, emerging technologies, autonomous vehicles