Joseph Herkert

By on September 8th, 1920 in

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Cary, NC, USA
SSIT Roles (and years) *
1995-96 Pres
!993-94 VP
2003-2007 Editor T&S Magazine
2008-13 Elected BoG Member
2013- Pub Comm Chair
2007 Distinguished Service Award
Relevant IEEE Roles
Senior Life Member
2014 Co-Program Chair, ETHICS 2014 International Symposium
2008-10 Member, Ethics and Member Conduct Committee
Other Related Activities/Interests
Fellow Amer Assoc Adv Science
2015- Visit Scholar, Genetic Engineering & Soc Ctr, NCSU
2007-15 Lincoln Assoc Prof Ethics & Technology, ASU
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engineering ethics, engineering education, social implications of emerging technology