Jeff Robbins

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At Rutgers University, Jeff Robbins teaches upper level research writing courses on a wide spectrum of topics including “Technology”, “Order, Chaos, and the Universe”, “The Corporation”, and “Biosphere Politics”. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master’s / A.B.D. in Physics from the University of New Mexico. Before coming to Rutgers in 2002, his professional career ranged from research engineering on the Apollo Saturn V rocket to automated testing of electronic and fiber optic systems. His research interests stem from an ongoing concern for the, too often swept aside, bite backs of rising technical order.

In support of his concern, Jeff has moderated forums on the future of artificial intelligence, computers, and robotics, and media’s increasing role in childhood and adolescence. He has been invited to speak on the impacts of GPS navigation dependency, marketing to children, and high definition television. In addition to presentations at International Society for the Systems