Joseph Carvalko

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Carvalko is an American lawyer, engineer and Adjunct Professor of Law, Science and Technology at Quinnipiac University, School of Law; a member of the American Bar Association Section on Science and Technology, and the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology. Carvalko holds 10 patents in fields ranging from biomedical, electronics, fuel purification to financial systems. Prior to a law career, Carvalko had worked as a researcher and engineer in radar, pattern recognition, and telecommunications. Recently he authored The Techno-human Shell-A Jump in the Evolutionary Gap (Sunbury Press, 2012), about how future medical technology will transform us into part cyborg, as well as academic papers: Law and Policy in an Era of Cyborg-Assisted-Life (2013); Introduction to an Ontology of Intellectual Property (2005); Intellectual Property Issues in the Financial & Banking Industries (2007). His latest, coauthored work, Law, Science and Technology will be published fall 2013 (ABA Publishing). He is a member of the Community Bioethics Forum, Yale School of Medicine and a member of the Yale Technology and Ethics working group, a jazz pianist and a member of a pride of four 4 cats. He holds: BSEE, MFA (writing), JD (admitted to practice in CT, NY and before the USPTO).