Adding Values to the Digital Transformation

September 2017

Next Generation Socio-Technical Systems

The next generation of socio-technical system will be underpinned by the most advanced and potentially most “intelligent” technology so far invented. But the “socio” aspects of these systems, involving human behavior, non-deterministic decision making and interactions, complex social structures, and above all values, are essentially unchanged, except to the extent that they are irrevocably changed by the technology itself. Indeed, some have suggested that the debate over the driverless car is just a preliminary skirmish in the long-term battle for the future of humanity, i.e, what does complete automation of manual tasks imply for full time employment and the welfare state and its associated values. These values include a sense of belonging, identification with an organization, pride in ones work, social interaction and opinion dissemination, and self-actualization.

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Agnieszka Rychwalska and Magdalena Roszczynska-Kurasinska
* Refereed Article
Technological Impacts in Socio-Technical Communities: Values and Pathologies*
Ada Diaconescu and Jeremy Pitt
* Refereed Article
Socially-Sensitive Systems Design: Exploring Social Potential*
Kirstie Bellman, Jean Botev, Hanno Hildmann, Peter R. Lewis, Stephen Marsh, Jeremy Pitt, Ingo Scholtes, and Sven Tomforde
* Refereed Article

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