March 2019

Technology for Governance, Politics, and Democracy

Innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) already play an important role in e-governance and digital democracy, both at national and community levels. There is unprecedented opportunity for community collective choice, whereby citizens who are affected by a set of governing rules can help to select policy options, rank spending priorities, and can, in partnership with their local government representatives, participate in the approval, implementation, modification, and application of those rules. Parliaments can be petitioned by citizen groups to insert debates into the legislative process. Social networking ICTs make it possible for politicians and political parties to engage directly with citizens at every stage of the democratic process. But not all their effects are positive.

Tom Kane and Nick Novelli, Guest Editors, from Special Issue Introduction



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Technology for Governance, Politics, and Democracy
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Brook Manville and Josiah Ober
* Refereed Article
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Jeremy Pitt, Agnieszka Rychwalska, Magdalena Roszczyn´ska-Kurasin´ska, and Andrzej Nowak
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Twitter Data for Predicting Election Results: Insights from Emotion Classification*
Satish M. Srinivasan, Raghvinder S. Sangwan, Colin J. Neill, and Tianhai Zu
* Refereed Article
Must Surprise Trump Information?*
Lav R. Varshney
* Refereed Article

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