Robots and Socio-Ethical Implications

March 2018

Social Implications of Robotics and AI

Bots have the ability to amass and distribute considerable power, especially when teamed with artificial intelligence and humans.

Meanwhile, workers worldwide are thinking carefully about the future of work and their fear of so-called “technological unemployment.”

There are a myriad of profound and long-lasting social and policy implications related to AI and robotics. It is incumbent on researchers and readers of this joint special issue from various disciplines, backgrounds, and roles, to help policy makers and others grapple with effective responses to this new era.

John C. Havens elegantly reminded us recently, “it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that Artificial Intelligence (AI) [or robotics] will be one of two things: our destroyer or our savior. It’s time to move beyond this dualistic narrative. … ‘Either or’ comparisons create fear or unrealistic expectations, neither of which pragmatically move society forward.”


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Robots and SocioEthical Implications
Katina Michael, Diana Bowman, Meg Leta Jones, and Ramona Pringle  
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Christine Perakslis  


Humanizing Human-Robot Interaction: On the Importance of Mutual Understanding
Alessandra Sciutti, Martina Mara, Vincenzo Tagliasco, and Giulio Sandini
* Refereed Article
Robot Enhanced Therapy for Children with Autism (DREAM): A Social Model of Autism
Kathleen Richardson, Mark Coeckelbergh, Kutoma Wakunuma, Erik Billing, Tom Ziemke, Pablo Gómez, Bram Vanderborght, and Tony Belpaeme
* Refereed Article
Automating Sciences: Philosophical and Social Dimensions
Ross D. King, Vlad Schuler Costa, Chris Mellingwood, and Larisa N. Soldatova
* Refereed Article
Socio-Economic and Legal Impact of Autonomous Robotics and AI Entities: The RAiLE Project
Morgan M. Broman and Pamela Finckenberg-Broman
* Refereed Article
A Drone by Any Other Name: Purposes, End-User Trustworthiness, and Framing, but Not Terminology, Affect Public Support for Drones
Lisa M. PytlikZillig, Brittany Duncan, Sebastian Elbaum, and Carrick Detweiler
* Refereed Article

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