Cover image: team survey damage along the Ciliwung River using GeoSocial Rapid Assessment Survey Platform (#GRASP) via Twitter, as neighborhood children look on. Photo courtesy of Etienne Turpin.

September 2014

Technology for Collective Action

Vol. 33, No. 3, Fall 2014

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Scalable Proactive Event-Driven Decision Making
Alexander Artikis, Chris Baber, Pedro Bizarro, Carlos Canudas-De-Wit, Opher Etzion, Fabiana Fournier, Paul Goulart, Andrew Howes, John Lygeros, Georgios Paliouras, Assaf Schuster, and Izchak Sharfman
* Refereed Article
Social, Psychological and Technological Determinants of Energy Use
Andrzej Nowak, Agnieszka Rychwalska, and Jacek Szamrej
* Refereed Article
Social Use Cases for the ID3 Open Mustard Seed Platform
Thomas Hardjono, Patrick Deegan, and John Henry Clippinger
* Refereed Article
“Programming” Social Collective Intelligence
Daniele Miorandi and Lorenzo Maggi
* Refereed Article
Participatory Sensing, Privacy, and Trust Management for Interactive Local Government
Slaven Marusic, Jayavardhana Gubbi, Helen Sullivan, Yee Wei Law, and M. Palaniswami
* Refereed Article
Energy Monitoring in Residential Environments
Parag Kulkarni, Tim Lewis, and Saraansh Dave
* Refereed Article

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