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Spring 2014

Smart Grids and Social Networks

Vol. 33, No. 1

A reinvention of social capital is crucial for the development of the next generation of socio-technical systems. This is necessary not only to address systemic problems that threaten the sustainability of institutions and physical infrastructure, but also to understand and explain the processes through which socially resilient and sustainable institutions emerge and adapt.


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Goal-Oriented Prosumer Community Groups for the Smart Grid
A.J. Dinusha Rathnayaka, Vidyasagar M. Potdar, Tharam Dillon, Omar Hussain, and Samitha Kuruppu
* Refereed Article
User Issues for Smart Meter Technology
Marcus Wigan
* Refereed Article
Social Media, Disaster Studies, and Human Communication
Lucy Resnyansky
* Refereed Article

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