person immersed in virtual reality

Cover image: “Reality.” © Eran Fowler. Used with permission.

Summer 2014

Beyond Human

Vol. 33, No. 2

Homo sapiens may dictate the next stage of evolution through the use of technology. Who wouldn’t want the ability to “jack into” all the world’s knowledge sources in an instant via a network? Who wouldn’t want instant access to their life-pages filled with all those memorable occasions? Or even the ability to slow down the process of aging, as long as living longer equated to living with mind and body fully intact. Transhumanists would have us believe that these things are not only possible but inevitable.


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Deconstructing the Relationship Between Privacy and Security
Gregory Conti, Lisa Shay, and Woodrow Hartzog  


"I'll Be Watching You"
Brenda Mcphail, Andrew Clement, Joseph Ferenbok, and Arndis Johnson
* Refereed Article
Body-Worn POV Technology: Moral Harm
Clive Harfield
* Refereed Article
Giving Meaning to RFID and Cochlear Implants
Sandra Wagemakers, Liesbet Van Zoonen, and Georgina Turner
* Refereed Article

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