In the 15th century there was Wound Man, bleeding from his injuries. Today we have Wound Person leaking data from his/her wearables and implantables. Jeremy Pitt applies Pascal’s Wager to the 21st century . Image courtesy of the Wellcome Collection https://wellcomecollection .org/works/yaw4kj5k.

December 2018

Wound Person Takes Pascal's Wager

Wound Man affords us a vivid reminder of our physical finitude; we are mortal creatures who are susceptible to wounds, injuries, and contagions. And yet, #WoundPerson challenges us to better attune ourselves to our non-physical vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We are more than corporeal; we are not merely a body with a soul, but moreover a soul with a body [2]. We can envision the extensive, and potentially grave, risks of “data bleedout” when sharing data accumulated through wearables and bearables. #WoundPerson helps us to acquire more broadmindedness to indiscernible risks we might otherwise overlook, or disregard.
-Christine Perakslis

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Odorveillance and the Ethics of Robotic Olfaction
Emily Stark, Jeremy Pitt , Alfian Nur Wicaksono, Kristina Milanovic, Victoria Lush, and Stephen Hoover  


Seeing 21st Century Data Bleed through the 15th Century Wound Man
Nikki Stevens and Jacqueline Wernimont
* Refereed Article
Medicine Has Gone to the Dogs: Deep Learning and Robotic Olfaction to Mimic Working Dogs
Emily Stark, Stephen Hoover, Alexandra DeCesare, and Elan Barenholtz
* Refereed Article
Activity Trackers for Raising Guide Dogs: Challenges and Opportunities
Anna Zamansky and Dirk van der Linden
* Refereed Article
Transaction Costs and Doomed Creditors
Xiaofeng Tang
* Refereed Article
Trusting Intelligent Machines: Deepening Trust Within Socio-Technical Systems
Peter Andras, Lukas Esterle, Michael Guckert, The Anh Han, Peter R. Lewis, Kristina Milanovic, Terry Payne, Cedric Perret, Jeremy Pitt, Simon T. Powers, Neil Urquhart, and Simon Wells
* Refereed Article

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