Riding roller coasters and being chased by dinosaurs with virtual reality. Jamnya School, Jamnya, Satpuda Ranges, Maharashtra State, India. Photo by Swinburne IT for Social Impact Team, December 2016.

December 2017

ISTAS 2016 - Disruptive Technologies, Ethics, and Global Development

ISTAS 2016 was an important milestone for the SSIT community in India. It introduced topics such as ethics, society, and technology externalities to the local IEEE community, in particular among young student and professionals.

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President's Message
Planning for the Future
Paul Cunningham  
Book Review
Computer Accessibility Rights
Sylvette Henry-Buckmire  
Book Review
Refrigeration Nation
Karl D. Stephan  
Engineers and Social Acceptance of Renewable Energy
Nicholas Sakellariou  
The Unstoppable Changing of the Electricity Guard
Antonio Gómez-Expósito  
Information Technology in a City Enterprise
David Gancarz  
Leading Edge
New Ways to Enrich Web GIS Applications
Qingguo Zhou, Rui Zhao, and Rui Zhou  
Leading Edge
Social Media and Disasters: Highlighting Some Wicked Problems
Asslam Umar Ali and Robert Ogie  
Leading Edge
Advanced Frugal Innovations
Balkrishna C. Rao  
Last Word
Digital Maturity: Perceiving the Digital-Panopticon
Christine Perakslis  


Engaging and Retaining Women in an Engineering and Entrepreneurship Program
Rachel Dzombak and Khanjan Mehta
* Refereed Article
Engineering Careers in Social Innovation and Global Sustainable Development
Khanjan Mehta and Irena Gorski
* Refereed Article
What Is IT for Social Impact?: A Review of Literature and Practices
Jason Sargent and Ashir Ahmed
* Refereed Article
Electrification in Non-Interconnected Areas: Towards a New Vision of Rurality in Colombia
Maximiliano Bueno-López and Sandra Garzón Lemos
* Refereed Article

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