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Current Issue – June 2021

Putting the AI into Building Back fAIrer

Understanding the societal trajectory induced by AI, and anticipating its directions so that we might apply it for achieving equity, is a sociological, ethical, legal, cultural, generational, educational, and political problem.

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A Wide Human-Rights Approach to Artificial Intelligence Regulation in Europe
Jesús Salgado-Criado and Celia Fernández-Aller
* Refereed Article
AI Ethics for Sustainable Development Goals
Aníbal Monasterio Astobiza, Mario Toboso, Manuel Aparicio, and Daniel López
* Refereed Article
Bias and Discrimination in AI: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective
Xavier Ferrer, Tom van Nuenen, Jose M. Such, Mark Coté, and Natalia Criado
* Refereed Article
Explaining the Principles to Practices Gap in AI
Daniel Schiff, Bogdana Rakova, Aladdin Ayesh, Anat Fanti, and Michael Lennon
* Refereed Article

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