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Call for Papers — IEEE TSM Special Issue on “After Covid-19: Crises, Ethics, and Socio-Technical Change”

By on October 5th, 2021 in Call for Papers, Health & Medical, Human Impacts, Privacy & Security, Social Implications of Technology, Societal Impact, Transactions

As the COVID-19 pandemic shows, crises can catalyze socio-technical changes at a speed and scale otherwise thought impossible. Crises expose the fragility and resilience of our sociotechnical systems – from healthcare to financial markets, internet connectivity, and local communities.

Reflection for a More Equitable World Post-Pandemic

By on September 2nd, 2021 in Ethics, Human Impacts, Last Word, Magazine Articles, Social Implications of Technology, Societal Impact

Reflective thinking allows humans to examine the past with intentionality, learn from what happened, and adapt accordingly. We explore thoughts, feelings, and actions, mine out insights, and enhance awareness.