SSIT Standards Committee Chair Ruth Lewis Honored with 2022 IEEE Standards Medallion

By on November 8th, 2022 in Articles, Magazine Articles, News and Notes, Social Implications of Technology, Societal Impact, SSIT Announcements, Standards

Ruth Lewis, IEEE SSIT Standards Committee Chair, has been named a 2022 recipient of the IEEE Standards Medallion for leadership in promoting the development of IEEE technology and society standards.

IEEE Standards Association (SA) awards recognize outstanding voluntary standards development participation through an annual awards program.

Lewis’s IEEE SSIT Standards Committee work involves  “identifying areas where standards will advance the responsible adoption of technologies that are already or are likely to impact society in direct or indirect ways,” she says, adding that Working Groups “focus on mitigating the harms of technology and misuse of data in society and the environment, and promoting the benefits by identifying and codifying best practices for the design, operation and use of these technologies and data.”

Under Lewis’s leadership, the SSIT Standards Committee increased the number of Standards Working Groups for which the SSIT is the primary sponsor from 5 to 11.

Some of the project Working Groups that the SSIT Standards Committee currently oversees include: P2890: Provenance of Indigenous People’s Data, P2895: Taxonomy for Responsible Trading of Human Generated Data, and P7011: Process of Identifying and Rating the Trustworthiness of News Sources.

Lewis is Principal Consultant and Founder of Technology Foresight in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The 2022 IEEE Standards Medallion award will be presented in New Jersey, U.S.A., in early December. Learn more about #IEEESAAwards at