Brian O’Connell Award

The Brian M. O’Connell SSIT Distinguished Service Award

This award was established in 2006, to recognize distinguished service to the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) over the years. The award is given to an SSIT member who has served the Society with distinction as a board member, contributor to publications, conference organizer, or any combination of these or other activities. Criteria for judging are length, breadth, and impact of service to SSIT. The award consists of a plaque to be presented at a meeting of the Society.

If you know of a candidate for the Brian M. O’Connell Award, please fill out the Nomination Form.

Past Recipients are:

  • Katina Michael (2017)
  • Lew Terman (2016)
  • Bob Whelchel (2012)
  • Clinton Andrews (2009)
  • Norm Balabanian (2008)
  • Joe Herkert (2007)