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To become rich? … OK, perhaps to enrich your understanding of the issues we face as the world and our personal lives become more technologically entangled. SSIT is a community that engages some of the world’s experts on technology and its impact, but also philosophers, lawyers, ethicists, policy makers, professors — in general people who take an active interest in where humanity and emerging technologies are headed and can interact

On one hand, the idea of any technologist not taking an interest in the social implications of their work is disturbing, but not unthinkable. Joining SSIT is a way to make your interest “active” (even more so if you engage in the conversations with our blog, social media, conferences, and publications). This is also one way to make sure SSIT continues in IEEE (some have called SSIT the “conscience” of IEEE) as a channel for dialog about the implications of IEEE’s areas of work.

We need your perspective, we need your interaction, we need your support.

All SSIT members receive Technology and Society Magazine via electronic delivery/access. Paper subscriptions are also available, at a premium. Print subscriptions to T&S Magazine help supports SSIT’s operations, so please consider this option.

SSIT also maintains contact communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to carry our dialog and considerations to a broader community. Please consider joining these groups as well.

IEEE is the largest organization in the world for technology professionals. IEEE publications are the most cited in U.S. patents. SSIT is the community within IEEE that provides for a dialog about the social implications of engineering and technology, and connection with the public, policy makers, and press in these areas.

Organizations, Foundations, and Donors

While SSIT is an individual membership organization, we are always open to a variety of relationships and support consistent with IEEE’s US 501(c)3 non-profit status. SSIT Conferences, projects, Awards and activities can benefit from sponsors. We have many students who would benefit from attending our conferences as well. We sometimes run contests to engage folks via social media. Please feel free to contact us to follow up in any of these areas. Donation Information, click here.