ISTAS 2022: IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society 2022

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Hong Kong, November 1012, 2022 Conference Theme: “Digital and Societal Transformations”

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The IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT)’s Field of Interest *2022+ reads: “To facilitate understanding of the complex interaction between technology, science and society, including impact on individuals and society in general, ethics, professional and social responsibility in the practice of engineering, science and technology, and open discussion of the resulting issues.” The society was founded in 1972 as the Committee on Social Implications of Technology. It was given its current name in 1982. SSIT operates as a Society under the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB)

2022 is the 50th Foundation Day of IEEE’s Commitment to Social Implications of Technology. Please join us at ISTAS2022 conference to celebrate this occasion.

The IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS) is the flagship conference of the IEEE’s Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT). ISTAS is a multi/inter/transdisciplinary forum for engineers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, philosophers, researchers, social scientists, technologists, and polymaths to collaborate, exchange experiences, and discuss the
social implications of technology. ISTAS 2022 Participants Include: Policy Makers, Business Industry (particularly in the Asia Pacific Region), NGOs, Researchers, Scientists, Academicians, Technocrats, Students.

List of Topics: 5G and lite touch on 6G technologies (i.e. IoTs etc), Biosciences, Integrated Digital Healthcare, Sustainable Development (including ICT4D) and Humanitarian Technology, Ethics / Human Values, Universal Access, Universal Acceptance, Societal Impacts (including traditionally disadvantaged communities), Protecting the Planet, Internet and Geopolitics, Indigenous People’s Data, Technologies for the EndUsers, Integrated Services, Technology Social Factors, Bioengineering Communications, Networking and Broadcast Technologies, Computing and Processing, Engineering Profession, General Topics for Engineers, Robotics and Control Systems.


Securitization for Sustainability of People and Place: A Call to Transdisciplinarity, The Fifteenth Workshop on the Social Implications of National Security (SINS22), Human Factors Series, Venue: ISTAS 2022 , Hong Kong (VIRTUAL), Date: 11 November 2022 An initiative of the IEEE SSIT Technical Committee on Emerging Technology in cooperation with the Society Policy Engineering Collective (SPEC) at Arizona State University. Organisers: Mariana Zafeirakopoulos, University of Technology, Sydney; Roba Abbas, University of Wollongong; Kathleen Vogel, Arizona State University; Jeremy Pitt, Imperial College London; Katina Michael, Arizona State University


ISTAS 2022 proceedings will be published by IEEE Xplore and in addition “Select papers may be considered as part of future special issues in IEEE Technology and Society Magazine or IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society or Journal of Social Computing (JSC), Tsinghua University Press, China, subject to the approval of the respective EditorsinChief / Guest Editors.”



Dr. Laurie Lau
Chair, Conference Committee
Asia Pacific Association of Technology and Society (APATAS) , Hong Kong

Dr. Greg Adamson
Chair, Advisory Committee
Digital Risk Innovation

Dr. T V Gopal
Chair, Technical Programme Committee
Anna University Chennai, INDIA

Dr. Lennon Chang
Chair, Finance Committee
Senior Lecturer, Criminology
School of Social Sciences,
Monash University

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