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Co-designing Ethical Interventions in Resource Constrained Environments (SSIT Distinguished Lecture)

May 23 @ 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

IEEE UK and Ireland SSIT ChapterIEEE Madras Section SSIT Chapter, IEEE Bangladesh SSIT Chapter, IEEE Kerala SSIT Chapter and SSIT IST-Africa SIGHT are cooperating to organise this SSIT Distinguished Lecture (DL) as a joint Chapter Webinar.

IEEE and SSIT Members as well as non-IEEE Members are invited to Register and participate. IEEE Members should include their IEEE Membership Number when registering.

This joint meeting will take place online. Registered participants will be provided with the link prior to the event.

This meeting will take place at 7pm (Indian Standard Time) / 14:30pm (UTC+1) on 23 May 2021 for one hour. Click here to convert to your local time


This SSIT Distinguished Lecture focuses on social implications and ethical issues to be considered when co-designing and implementing interventions in resource constrained environments. It introduces the concepts of collaborative open innovation and co-design in the context of addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It then discusses socio-cultural differences, ethical conundrums and ethical research principles when engaging with local communities.

These concepts will be contextualised through an African case study (mHealth4Afrika) focusing on the consultative, multi-stakeholder, co-design approach taken to implement and validate a cross-border, health oriented, research and innovation project supported by the European Commission under Horizon 2020. The DL will conclude by sharing good practices and recommendations to be considered when co-designing interventions in resource constrained environments.

This DL will share insight into volunteer activities undertaken by SSIT IST-Africa SIGHT members providing digital literacy training to healthcare professionals in health facilities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi and South Africa. It will also facilitate discussion around potential opportunities for IEEE and non-IEEE members to get more involved in ethical Sustainable Development and ICT4D activities locally.


Prof. Paul M Cunningham is Executive Director, IST-Africa Institute, a not-for-profit international research and policy organisation supported by the European Commission and African Union Commission, and a member of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN). Paul is also President & CEO, International Information Management Corporation, which provides technology, strategy, and policy expertise for international and national government organizations, and research and innovation programs in Europe and Africa. Paul is 2021 – 2022 Director, IEEE Division VI; Past President and VP Conferences, IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology; and Past Chair, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee.

Miriam Cunningham is Head of Research, IST-Africa Institute, and a Senior Consultant primarily focused on ICT and Science Technology and Innovation (STI) related policy analysis, research, implementation and adaptation, and the impact of Research and Innovation on socio-economic development. Miriam has over 20 years’ experience in ICT R&D working with public, private and education and research stakeholders in Europe and Africa. Miriam has extensive practical experience undertaking needs assessment, evaluating, monitoring and assessing Research and Innovation (R&I) projects in Europe and Africa as well as field experience creating, implementing and managing cross-border R&I projects in Europe and Africa.


Please register to participate up to 22 May at https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/267636

IEEE Members are requested to include their IEEE Membership Number as part of registration. All participants should include an email address as part of registration to facilitate receiving the meeting link.




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