Dear SSIT Members…

By on June 29th, 2017 in Magazine Articles, President's Message

This is my last message as SSIT’s president. The past two years have been exciting ones for our Society: we’ve increased our conference portfolio, created special magazine issues for other societies, and added many new chapters.

None of this would have been possible without the work of our many volunteers. SSIT works and thrives because so many brilliant, talented people believe in our mission and are willing to sacrifice their nights and weekends to help us accomplish it. Personally, I have found the past two years to be deeply rewarding, and humbling. During my term as president I have been consistently inspired by Katina Michael’s wonderful work on this magazine, Greg Adamson’s tireless efforts building the Norbert Weiner in the 21st Century conference, Jim Issak’s quiet and patient efforts to modernize our website, run our blog and social media efforts, and to update our logo, as well as many other projects.

There are so many others who have done the sometimes tedious, always glory-less tasks of simply keeping the society running: Lew Terman, our Secretary, Jerry Hudgins, our Treasurer, Joe Herkert, Ken Foster, and Phil Hall, the chairs of our Publications, Conferences, and Chapters committees. I have often felt unequal to the task of supporting these volunteers, and the many others whose contributions I do not have the space to detail here, but doing so has been a great privilege. I would particularly like to thank my Past President, Gerald Engel, for his guidance and mentorship, Bobbi Terman for her encouragement and confidence, and my fellow Board members for their support and tireless efforts.

SSIT’s President Elect, Greg Adamson, has a great vision for SSIT. I know he will do great things during his term, and I look forward to supporting him next year. He’s already been working hard in his role as Vice President on strategic planning for the Society, and I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes!


Laura Jacob