Climate Change News – AI and Climate Change

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At the Recent international negotiations on climate change in Dubai in 2023, the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to play a critical role in addressing climate challenges was recognized through the initiative “AI for Climate Action (#AI4ClimateAction).” Launched by the Technology Mechanism—established under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)—this initiative is focused on accelerating the implementation of the Paris Agreement with the focus on ensuring that the use is responsible, and benefits are shared equitably. While exploring promising applications like integrating AI to improve early warning systems and enhancing agricultural yields, there is also a need to minimize the carbon footprint of AI applications. More information can be found at:

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Elisabeth Gilmore is an associate professor in environmental engineering at Carleton University, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6, Canada. She is also a special science advisor at the Environment and Climate Change Canada. Email: