What you post may be used against you

By on January 12th, 2014 in Ethics, Privacy & Security, Topics

The Jan 9 Wall St Journal points out that credit analysts are starting to use your Facebook, LinkedIn and eBay activities to evaluate you.   For example, does your job history and status on these sites correspond with the one you submitted in an application?  What are buyers saying about you on eBay (assuming you are selling stuff there?) , etc.  In short, your “rep” (as in reputation) is being tracked as it spans social media.

This is added to the “75% of employers check your social media presence before pursuing an interview” (feedback from an HR friend of mine). Universities that use your presence as part of their acceptance process (are you really sure you want those party pictures on-line?), and even schools that have expelled students for violations admitted on their social media sites.

Scott McNealy asserted “You have no privacy anyway, get over it“, and it appears the NSA may concur.  However, it is not clear this is a situation we should take lying down …. anyone want to stand up?