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From our most recent issue:

2018 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS)
13-14 November 2018, Washington, DC, USA

ISTAS header

Now is the time to lock in your plans for for ISTAS 2018, the flagship conference of SSIT. For full details about the event, visit our website. A highlight of this year’s program is our best yet set of featured panels, which will provide a unique opportunity for experts to discuss key technology issues facing society today. You won’t want to miss them:

    • Creating Ethically Informed Standards
      • John Havens, Executive Director, IEEE Global Initiative
      • Sara Jordan, Vice Chair, SSIT Standards Committee
      • Trevor Rudolph, Original Unit Chief, OMB Cyber and National Security Unit
      • Sarah Spiekermann, Institute for Management Information Systems, Vienna University of Economics and Business
    • Current Challenges in Technology Policy
      • Katherine Pratt, Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, University of Washington
      • Amie Stepanovich, Access Now
      • Terrell McSweeney, Former Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission
    • The Future of Ethical Education
      • Joe Herkert, North Carolina State University
      • Deborah Johnson, University of Bergen
      • Louis Bucciarelli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
      • Rick Miller, Olin College
    • The Value of Information in Decision Making
      • Christoph Aubrecht, World Bank
      • Jamie Kruse, East Carolina University
      • Yusuke Kuwayama, Resources for the Future
      • Emily Pindilli, United States Geological Survey
      • Carl Shapiro, United States Geological Survey
    • Enabling Cultural Change: Ethics and Human Values in the Work of the National Academies
      • Rosalyn Berne, National Academies
      • Karin Ellison, Arizona State University
      • Robert Nerem, Georgia Institute of Technology
      • Frazier Benya, Women In Science, National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
      • Deborah Johnson, University of Bergen
    • Different Pathways to Making Global Societal Impacts
      • Fahmida Chowdhury, National Science Foundation
      • Edward Winant, Oceans, International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
      • Tom Wang, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
      • Lorraine Martin, Lockheed Martin, retired
    • Human-Robot Interaction: Examining Ethical Issues in Three Contexts
      • Jason Borenstein, Georgia Institute of Technology
      • Ayanna Howard, Georgia Institute of Technology
      • Yvette Pearson, Old Dominion University
      • Joe Herkert, North Carolina State University
      • Keith Miller, University of Missouri
  • Other workshops include:
    • Gender Equity and Social Inclusion in Renewable Energy Programs
    • A Partnership Approach to Community Led Sustainable Development

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