Early Technology: Fire and Society

By on January 21st, 2015 in Societal Impact

An Oct. Wall St. Journal asks “Was Human Culture First Kindled by Fire?”  It really goes to the roots of technology and technologists.  Technologists and Engineers solve problems (Harry Potter’s profession not-with-standing) — things like “how can we stay warm at night?” and “You know this stuff scares away cave bears“.  And of course can open the door for new problems: “ouch” and “Hey Og, what happened to forest, it all burned down now.

What is the first technology to foster social connections?

ter social connections?But consider how harnessing  fire created a focal point for family, community, and no doubt more.  So here’s a question … which Technological Innovation do you suggest has had the greatest impact on society?

Photo by Joris Voeten on Unsplash