Technology is the fundamental
force in human development.

Technology is the fundamental
force in human development.


September 2017

Special Issue: Next Generation Socio-Technical Systems

We Need to Talk about the Web

October 24, 2017
AUTHOR: Martin Stewart-Weeks
FILED UNDER: Commentary, Health & Medical, Magazine Articles, Societal Impact

The conversation about “Web Science” is becoming more urgent and more central to the future of the planet and the way we live a life worth living.

Biometric Surveillance and the Right to Privacy

October 5, 2017
AUTHOR: Angus Willoughby
FILED UNDER: Commentary, Ethics, Magazine Articles, Privacy & Security

Using biometric technology to identify and monitor people raises human rights concerns. In particular, biometrics are often associated with intrusions into privacy.

The Next Generation of Socio-Technical Systems

September 29, 2017
AUTHOR: Steghofer
FILED UNDER: Human Impacts, Magazine Articles, Societal Impact

The next generation of socio-technical system can be seen as a kind of “focal point” for the convergence of a number of current trends in computing, information systems, and information technology. These trends include the technology-driven instrumentation of infrastructure by ubiquitous computing and/or “intelligent” devices, with the prefix “smart” now taking precedence over the prefix “e-,” i.e. SmartGrids, SmartCities, SmartMotorways, etc., rather than the e-commerce. e-health, e-learning initiatives commonplace at the turn of millennium.


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Volcanoes can be a Blast

December 1, 2017
AUTHOR: Jim Isaak
FILED UNDER: Environment, Topics

It can be easy to explore the dark side of technology while not highlighting the benefits. But over the past…  Read More